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HEALTH INSURANCE: True Quotes Answers Most Common Questions

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Life happens. Trying to find health insurance can potentially be an extremely stressful process. Secondly, health insurance is a requirement in America, therefore we have answered a few of the most common questions in regards to health insurance to help you figure out what is most suitable for you.
Here at True Quote, we believe that knowledge and information is power, and both are necessary in selecting the right health insurance plan for you.

1. Why do you need health insurance?

Health insurance protects you from unexpected medical expenses. Also, since the start of 2014, a penalty is applied if you don’t have health insurance. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (implemented in 2010), requires most Americans to have health insurance.

2. What are the basic health insurance plans? And which is best for me?

a) Bronze b) Silver c) Gold d) Platinum e) Catastrophic

happy asia mother, father and daughter in the parkThese categories are based on how much you pay, as an individual, out-of-pocket.

Gold/Platinum: suggested if you visit the doctor regularly. Also, since 10-20% of prescription drug cost is out-of-pocket, if you take prescription drugs regularly, this plan is recommended for you.

Silver/Bronze: suggested if you want to pay less in premiums. This plan is recommended if you don’t take prescription drugs are are relatively very healthy.

Catastrophic: suggested if you want protection from serious illnesses and accidents. Typically, if you are in great health and under 30, this plan is recommended for you.

3. Where can I buy health insurance?

If you are responsible for your own insurance coverage, the first option is researching what your state has to offer in regards to “exchanges”. Exchanges are government-run marketplaces where you can purchase coverage plans.
Your second option would be to shop for health insurance online via There are many plans to select from that would most accommodate your needs, and look at health insurance from a comparative standpoint.
Also, you can simply look into purchasing directly from an insurance broker, agent or company, (both for individual or family health insurance plans).
Lastly, look into government subsidies, which you may qualify for. What is a government subsidy? It is a program that assists in paying for monthly premiums if your income is too low or slightly moderate (and you do not qualify for Medicaid).

4. When can I purchase health insurance?

The best time to purchase health insurance is to apply during Open enrollment. Open enrollment essentially means a period during which a health insurance company/HMO is required to accept applicants without regard to health history. The only downfall is that if you missed the open enrollment deadline for the year, you will have to review options stated earlier in Question #3 in order to obtain other health insurance plans, which may be purchased at any time. Our recommendation is that the sooner the better, in order to avoid penalties.

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