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Preparation is Key: Home insurance

14615284_sProtect your family by protecting your home. Fire, wind, theft, lighting— these catastrophic events are unpredictable. Stay prepared by getting homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance assists in payments for replacement costs, liability protection, personal belongings, living expenses and repairs. True Quote provides many options for suit your housing and personal needs.


What is Covered by Home Insurance

-Dwelling: coverage against destruction or damage to your home property, including fences, garages and storage sheds.

-Liability: in the event that you are sued or legally responsible for another individual’s property damage or injury, this is a protection policy against being sued or with any financial matters.

-Medical Payments: pays for any person’s injured on your property and/or medical expenses.

-Personal Property: in the event that household items/furniture/contents are damaged or stolen, home insurance assists in cost coverage.

-Loss of Use: in the event that your home is under repair or construction, home insurance pays for additional living costs.

happy asia mother, father and daughter in the parkTips for Home Insurance Buyers

  • Always complete a home inventory: create a current home inventory list to expedite and claim settlements (in case you need one), to make settling claims easier.
  • If you move to an area that is  very prone to earthquakes or flooding, it is recommended that you also purchase earthquake or flood insurance.
  • A few factors that can affect premiums: location, protective devices, home features, home characteristics, claims history and personal factors.
  • Replacement cost coverage is typically more expensive than actual cash value coverage.
  • Unfortunately, many individuals and families discover the hard way about underinsured homes. Make sure you have adequate amount of insurance.
  • Actual cash value is the reimbursement for the cost of damaged/lost items (minus depreciation). Replacement cost reimburses the cost to purchase a brand new couch. Know the difference between the two types of reimbursements when it comes to home insurance.
  • What is not covered: professional services, business pursuits, nuclear accident, war, aircraft operation/ownership/maintenance, vehicles, watercraft, intentionally caused harm to property/person by the insured person.
  • Understand your Home’s Value in order to determine the coverage amount. One tip to do this is by getting an estimate from a contractor or appraiser.


Types of Homeowners Policies

-HO-1: cover the house belongings against 10 perils

-HO-2: cover the house and possessions against 16 perils

-HO-3: aside from fine print exclusion, this policy covers all perils

-HO-4: cover the renter’s possessions against 16 perils; provides coverage for liability-HO-6: covers liability and improvements to the owner’s unit; created for condominium and co-op properties

-HO-8: assists in the payment for the cost of repairs up to the actual cash value, damaged property, or market value. This policy was established for the older homes that would be more beneficial in rebuilding rather than selling on the housing market.

Optional Home Insurance Coverages:

  1. Inflation Guard Endorsement- maintains 80%  or more of home’s replacement cost. Adjusts accordingly.
  2. Watercraft Endorsement- coverage for outward motor boats and small sailboats only.
  3. Theft Coverage Protection Endorsement- coverage for stolen items from vehicle, trailer, or watercraft
  4. Guaranteed Replacement Cost- Offers most coverage for your home property.
  5. Credit Card Forgery and Depositors Forgery Coverage Endorsement- coverage for any used, lost or stolen credit cards and forged checks.
  6. Increased Limits on Money and Securities- raises amount of coverage for bank notes, money and more.

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